Monday, September 3, 2007

totally my hero

What do you do when you fall down?
Do you get up,pick up the pieces and start walking forward?Or do you just fade away into darkness as countless others have?
What do you do when you fall down?
This is a very powerful question.
More often than not, we take the easy way out.
We blame the next person,the system,the society,the country,parents,spouse,HIM and everybody else except ourselves.
It's only few of us who find it in our hearts,the courage,the spirit to keep on trying,stay on fighting for what we believe in and go down smiling in the face of utter failure.
Today while watching the news,I came across such a man, Devraj and was blown away by his story.
Hats of to his perseverance,spirt,never-say-quit attitude.
Man,you are totally my hero.
Read this article, depicting the struggle he did to get back what was taken away from him.
I'm pasting the same article below:

He studied law, fought case for 10 yrs, won it!

Vicky Nanjappa, Bangalore, DHNS:

Litigation is not only time consuming but expensive too. For this man whose saree manufacturing unit was seized, doing a law course was the only way out. Interestingly he completed his law, battled his own case, and finally won it after a 10-year-long legal battle.

M S Devaraj was running a silk saree manufacturing unit at Doddaballapur since 1978. Another unit next to the one run by Mr Devraj had been financed by the Karnataka State Financing Corporation (KSFC). Since his neighbour turned out to be a defaulter, a case had been filed against him for recovery of the loan amount. On January 2 1988, the KSFC officials seized the unit along with that belonging to Devaraj.

An application was filed before the District Court against the action of the KSFC. The court, however, rejected the application following which it was moved to the High Court. After putting up the fight for three years, he decided that the best recourse would be to do a law course so that he could fight his own case.

In 1991, he joined the SJRC Law College in Bangalore and completed his law degree in 1994. Thereafter, he began drafting the applications and fighting his case before the courts.

The High Court directed the district court to conduct an inquiry with regard to the seizure while observing that the seizure was a “barbarous act”. Following this an inquiry was conducted and the district court on July 15 1997, directed the KSFC to re-deliver the excess moveable within 15 days. The KSFC then filed an unsuccessful appeal before the High Court. Finally on December 2 1998, possession of the machinery was handed over to Devraj.

He filed a case before the Civil Judge Sr Division, Doddaballapur, seeking compensation for the losses he had suffered. The court ordered the KSFC to make good the loss while directing the payment of Rs 43,63,000 as compensation.

That's not the end to his story.
He's giving Rs.10/- lakhs of this to charity and will support education of 50 girls every year.

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