Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And so they amuse....

The phone rings.
It keeps ringing and nobody answers.
I hear a sound;a rhythmic tapping sound and it is starting to get close.
I see a woman,a very old woman walking towards the phone with great effort.
The tapping sound turns out to be that of her walker:-her walking aid.
She's barely able to pick up the receiver,which for her aged hands is seeming heavy.
She listens to the person on the other end for few seconds.
Then slams down the receiver into its place.
She screams loudly which seems odd/impossible to do, given her weak condition:

"When the hell is this going to end."
She then walks away the same way.

Elsewhere,a teenager is standing in the urinal.He closes his flip phone,zips up and leaves.
The wall behind the urinal,where he stood has a small graffiti on it which reads a girl's name and a number along with some tempting literature urging to call the girl whose number is written.

The screen changes and I see the bunch of permanent markers.

I saw this just now and definitely had to blog it.

There is something about great ads which remain in my memory for long.Some are funny,some hilarious,sweet,sexy,vulgar etc.Some even succeed in giving out life lessons.Overall good ads provide us well needed relief(although for a short time) in a world filled with terrorists (alias,24), friends,sicko-weirdos(The bold and the beautiful),lovebugs(How i met your mother), and last but definitely not the least ,
the (lindsay,paris,victoria,..............)

Back to tv.

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