Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This one I have to post

Even though it's unrelated to my blog topic,I have to write this one.
In the India and England 20-20 world cup match which I watched just now,Yuvraj singh of India hit six sixes in an over.For those who don't know the game,it's like hitting six home runs continuously in six attempts.

In cricket's history, this has been done only 2 times before if I have my facts right.It's extremely difficult to do this and if you ask any mathematician,he will tell it's probability is zero.Great effort and sheer guts.Kudos to Yuvraj.

What makes it more special is,he was inspired/instigated into doing this by the opposite side.Flintoff of England,made some rude comment,when he hit a six during his bowling.What was that we may(may never) know only in tomorrow's news.But the point is it must have been pretty rude and Yuvraj looked furious after that which made him hit the ball like that.

A man's pride was hit and he hit back.

What I want to point out (with the risk of being called 'you know what') is that some people are rude and have a sense of false pride against others which make them behave in a way like Flintoff behaved today.

In a game,players must maintain professionalism.It's a matter of pride that one is playing for a country and is representing the country.Any bad behaviour on their part is reflected not only his culture,but will lead to many other conclusions about their background and where they come from.

Be professional,enjoy the game.More than anything else be human.
India wins the 20-20 world cup.Enjoy this video(rather long)



cj° said...

first thing, thankyou so much for writing me a comment, but hey, i dint do the artwork there ;)
and secondly, i didn't watch that match but i like yuvi... so cheers :)
and see how cute he looks in the picture!

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is pretty cheerful. Is that okay? (teasing)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by. Wonderful effort by Yuvraj leading to the victory. And yes it was due from him, since Freddie spurred him and then bang bang out he went.

The 6 sixes now have been hit 4 times in all forms of game and the ones who have done it are : Gary Sobers, Ravi Shastri, Herschelle Gibbs and Yuvraj SIngh....

Meanwhile good blog :)

desparado said...

cruel Virging:yes.that's great
ashu:hi welcome.good hit from Yuvi.This one will be in memory for a long time to come.
cj:you missed a good match.

Loving Annie said...

WOW, Desperado. 6 times. That IS amazing...

Rajeev said...

yeah!! I saw the match! :D
Altho Im not really a fan of the Indian cricket team I loved what he did! :)
great job there, I hope they continue playin like this! :)

peace & love

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