Friday, September 7, 2007

The picture

I recently found this pic on flickr.
I have decided to use it as the logo in my profile.

This picture is just so special to me.It signifies unity,oneness.The couple in the picture signifies(for me) coming together of two people, leaving apart their differences,prejudice,insecurities,apprehensions,egos and becoming one.
This is the first step towards realizing HIM.
When two bodies intertwine together and it's impossible to say which one is which;when their souls converge and lose their individuality and experience singularity,that's the first step towards salvation.
For me sex is spiritual,it's divine,it's sacred.
That's the closest a human can get to another.When you love someone,you love the god inside that person.Loving the GOD inside that person is acknowledging of the fact that HE exists everywhere;which says every soul is an extension of your self and that everyone is an extension of HIS self.

This is a very powerful belief which we have in us, even without actually being aware of that.Anyone and everyone who loves someone is automatically acknowledging GOD's existence.Hence there are no atheists as such as for as my thoughts go.

A great sage once said "Spirituality begins where religion ends" and this is very true.Many religions actually consider lust,carnal urges as sin.But for me it's just the soul's attempt to search for god.
Many of us fail to understand this and limit ourselves to bodily pleasures ,failing to understand the significance of sex.
It's the beginning of discovering god.Many are not ready and fail to recognize this and we see relationships failing.

I don't know what kind of girl awaits me in future.But I'm ready for her.

Anonymous girl

Also i will continue to use the pic as long as I can't find a better one.
(I couldn't find the owner of the pic.Hence whatever license the owner intended it to distribute under,it still applies here.)


Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. This is lovely. She's out there, don't worry.

desparado said...

that's what we all live for->in the hope of a better tommorow

malawika said...

Nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture. This has been my experience and feeling on sex. Of course, many of my friends do not share my opinion. But there is something Godly there -- something touching heaven for a moment that is not at all evil. Just hard to explain in words.

Rolling said...

was shocked when I realized what I was looking at in this strange picture: no, not what u thought, I thought "hey, thats right, how could a human form possibly have 4/6 hands? Maybe this is what it actually meant! We didnt want to think of this particular idea in connection with a deity, so we just imagined we saw a "face" with those hands protruding from one body!"

Your or whoever had the ingenuity of actually making that picture, gave me big aha-moment this aftn, kind of set me thinking that, true, nobody amongst Hindus categorically says that sex is sin, there is in fact celebration of it in shringar rasa (the pic at frst made me think something tantrik was going on in it) Am an 'unpad' basically,dont read at all, just have had a long life attending 'pathas' & 'sabhas' accompanying both my Vaishnava grannies for nine long years, wh left its imprints on the mind n memory...later just made connections with what little I read, mostly, from what what I hear...


Rolling:True.The hindu culture is unique in this sense and there is a stress that nothing is good or bad in it's entirety.

Anonymous said...

["When you love someone,you love the god inside that person."]
Now I know why the person I love does not love me back. dcrelief

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."