Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bring me to life

"I struggle on and on to feed this hunger burning deep inside of me"

Dude: Dude,have you seen the video of [song name] by [band name].It's good.
Me: No.(WTF.Must be some lame band.Dude's gone crazy.Keeps following every single music/movie released.)
Dude: Man it's too good.You gotta see this.I'm telling you.It's cool.
Me: ok.(whatever)
(Dude gives me the songs of that album the next day.I dump it into my collection and forget it.)

About six months later.
(Returning from movie...)
Dude:The movie sucks.I told you to skip this.But you dragged me too into this.It was a waste of time.
Me: Dude,I knew it too.I didn't come for the movie.I came to see you know who.I'm mad for her ever since I saw her on that TV series.She kicks ass.
Dude:Grrrrrrr...You don't have good taste.There are prettier girls around.
Me:Forget it.Did you notice the songs that played in the background?I liked them.I have to search for them now.
Dude:Aaah...I gave those songs to you long time back.I bet you haven't bothered to look into them even once.You're a !$@!$%%(grrrr....grrrrr)

"don't try to fix me I'm not broken"

This was the conversation that went on years ago between me and my buddy.
The movie was Daredevil.(Yeah.It sucks.)
The "you know who" was Jennifer Garner.(My friend finally agreed that I do have a good taste;well..., only after Ben and Jen got married).
And, the band was Evanescence.

Just as my friend was wrong about Jennifer Garner,I was about Evanescence.That night I went home and listened to the album(fallen) all night and quite predictably I fell for it.This was just the beginning.Listening to the bands' songs became my daily routine,quite literally.Day and night my faithful Ipod drained the music into my brains,just like glucose is fed intravenously to a patient's veins.If somebody would've paid me for listening to their songs(amy, are you reading this?),I was ready to take up the job .And finally the grand-daddy of all:
I actually bought(read as in 'spending money') the album.Now, those who know me in person will understand this.I'm frugal and only spend if i'm absolutely certain of what I buy.Spending for me, is like getting into a long term commitment(now, I'm exaggerating).I think a lot.Though I love music as much as the next guy, I hardly spend money for music though I have a big collection.So to say I was blown away by evanescences' music would be an understatement.

Music is a strange thing.It's hard to put it in words, but there is something about music which strikes the right chord.One doesn't needs to be 'qualified' or lean on other's to make a choice.Maybe it's one of those areas where no one gives a shit as far as critics' opinions are concerned(are there any?).

"I tried to kill the pain but only brought more."

Back to evanescence;their music sat with me deeply.It connected with my inner self.It had the healing power which I needed.Let's just say I was going through one of those phases in life which I don't want to look back upon; and it was a rather long phase.It gave words, to stuff, I couldn't find words for;it helped me connect with myself;helped me connect to god.I'm not a fan of rock music.Still this was different.It was a godsend.Amy lee's voice is ghost-like,haunting.It's like crying out to GOD.The lyrics are beautiful too.They are full of remorse,criticism and cruelty towards god (and self).Desperately trying to reach out for him in search of mercy,help,salvation.

Off late, there is no good music coming out from them.They had some re-organization in their band.Few left,few joined.They released a new album.It was not that impressive(I thought).

" without the mask,where will you hide.can't find yourself;lost in your lie "

Many bands have come and gone.Some made it.Some failed miserably and went down without a trace and some ended up becoming one song(one album) wonder.They come up with that one song,that one album, which goes on to become a raging hit,all-time classic, and then,....that's it.They fade away into darkness never to be heard again.I badly wish this is not the case with them.

Evanescences' initial songs are good and enough for a lifetime of hearing.Still my soul yearns for more.Amy, I'm waiting.I heartily hope that your music will be anything but evanescent.
Evanescence for life.
Evanescence till death.
Music for peace.

"Breathe into me and make me real.Bring me to life."


Ricardo said...

Thanks for your comment over on my blog.

Yeah, Daredevil could have been so much more. I hear the unrated version is an improvement be it slightly. I do think Garner is hot in a kick ass, bad ass chick kind of way. She grows on you. Well, some of us anyway.

Evanescance showed huge promise then they tailed off. The buzz is not there with them like it used to be. The first album was some good stuff.

It is amazing how powerful the right music at the right time can be.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Lately I've been listening to Ben Harper and Blue Oyster Cult. When I am depressed, I often listen to Tori Amos. I used to like Evanescance as well.

Good to see Ricardo here. He's a good friend.

zen wizard said...

I like their stuff--I haven't acutally bought anything yet, but I will certainly listen for free.

Whatever happened to dollar theaters? The ones with the second runs, that you could go to for like two-fifty?

I miss those...

If there was a $h!tty movie--but it had a hot actress and she took off her top, you could see it for two-fifty. (and hopefully not get killed in the parking lot; those theaters were always in some rough neighborhoods.)


There used to be a show,late at night which actually was called 'one song wonders'.
They used to show, well, one song wonders.
A little history would be thrown in about the band and what happened to them after the 'wonder song' woul be told.This was not done in a gossipy mode,but in a very respectable and non-mocking kind of way.
That made the show that much painful for the fans of those songs.
Hope evanescence doesn't join to that list of bands.
They certainly don't deserve this.

SpongyBones said...

I can't tell you how many time I have listened to that CD in my life. I find it both comforting and self medicating for me to get things out of me. Music is such a healing tool that so many miss out on, even the depressing stuff can heal ones hurt, purge it and somehow give our mind the tool to at least deal with the crap that we can't get rid of.


point well stated.actually the depressing music sounds soothing to our minds,when the mind is actually depressed.
Strange, but this is how music works,defying logic.

ChickyBabe said...

I've recently listened to Fallen, and it gripped me from the start. the right music can release so many different emotions.


have you heard the song 'lies' by them.
My favourite.

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."