Tuesday, September 4, 2007

m o l l y-the beautiful bride.

m o l l y, originally uploaded by jaki good.

With this post and a few more to follow,i'm taking the risk of joining the ranks of what I term as flictch(flickr bitch).
I'm referring to lots of blogs out there which just blog on the images ,giving flickr the free publicity(which they don't need) and page rank(which they deserve).
NO I don't want to be stereo-typed as one of them.
But this photo is totally worth the risk.

Ah,the photo of a beautiful bride(molly i suppose.congrats btw).
I'm happy that i stumbled upon it.
This is the first photo that came my way when i joined flickr and logged in the first time.
The picture is very simple,nothing great;albeit tastefully photographed.
But it's complexity lies in the simplicity.
The girl looks stunning.
She's reaching out,towards a new beginning,eyes filled with hope,joy.
The dress,the flower all are so simple,so innocent,so deep.
She looks happy,A sense of strong feeling,a glow, an aura around her assuring love and nothing but only love can behold her,make her happy for life.
They said,it's not her,it's just the photo.
They are wrong.
It's the people who make the picture.As far the photographer goes,I feel they are the blessed ones,who were fortunate enough to witness in person,the wonders which we only get to see through their eyes.
My prayers for molly.
May god bless you and god bless us all.
Your photo has been a ray of hope to me for a long time to come.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks for visiting. I like your style. Want to exchange links?

desparado said...

sure.I've added you to my links.
(in my blog).
Happy blogging

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