Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I actually wrote this to my (ex) best-friend

now that the H1B saga is over(??), i want to bring few points to your notice.
If you are already aware then it's a refresh.

1.i'm thoroughly dissatisfied with the enthusiasm you showed in finding me a H1 sponsor.Initially you were very indifferent and showed little or no interest till the last moment.
You just kept on giving some excuses.
I will never know if it was deliberate or not.If it was deliberate then, i can't possibly think of a reason.
if it was not deliberate and you were really not able to find any H1 guy, then i expected you to have told me.I at the least expected that much openness.

2.Then you got us sam uncle.
I don't want to begin talking about him.it will definitely be a novel,not a mail.
all i have to say about him is, i wouldn't have recommended him to my friends.
This i'm not telling because of the money matter, but because of the agony I went through for 5-6 months.i just don't care about that money anymore.

summing up:
1.the whole experience has shaken many of my beliefs.
2.I don't think i will ever trust anyone like the way i used to before.
3.I lost trust in my best friend.
4.have become more cynical.

this is rubbish $%!#^%@$&.
not quitting

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