Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gem of a phone

yes it's Pearl(Blackberry 8100 Pearl)
Now why would i want to write about pearl when everybody else are immersed in apple-mania.
That too its been quite a few months since pearl's out and there are strong rumours of pearl2 doing rounds on gizmodo and elsewhere.

well it's because I've GOT IT!!
i got the pearl recently and am totally blown away.
1.It took 2 years to develop.
2.It has a revolutionary trackball (although not the first one) which i just love and is central to the pearl experience.
3.looks rexy("anorexic+sexy" )
4.plays music too.
5.first attempt by RIM to develop a mainstream cellphone.

i just feel like god holding it in my arms.
i've found my soul mate(cell mate)
the yahoo and google messengers are just awesome to use.

It's going to take one "mother of a cell" to desert my cell mate.(mayb pearl2)
not quitting.

PS:For all those retarded people who just can't stop complaining about the suretype keypad,just by a brick and go to gym to be able to carry it around.

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