Monday, July 30, 2007

everyone's a stuntman here

just clicked the picture a moment late.
In the bus seen in the picture, a man climbed out of the window and made his way to the top, while the bus was moving at 60km/h to check up on some cargo.
While this is a very common sight, a thought just entered into my mind.
Imagine the same scene on an interstate in US or a highway in UK or any of the other "developed country".
Well you can't imagine.Because if it ever happens,it will be caught on camera by some other person(to make some quick buck) and make it to the local news if not CNN.
A public debate will ensue and the owner of the vehicle will be fined for neglecting human life and what not.

Isn't calue of human life same everywhere?
Is this what we have become?
A nation of reckless,impatient people.
We see such heroes everywhere in a typical day in the city:-that group of people hanging on dangerously in an overcrowded bus,that third person on a two-wheeler or that kid which is held in one arm by it's mother, agin on a two-wheeler on a rainy day.

Though i don't think the "stuntman" was not in any danger,unless he fell from the moving bus,i still believe things like this should be strongly discouraged.

As long as we don't value human life,have some degree of sensitivity to such issues, we will be animals in some sense.

not quitting

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