Monday, April 7, 2008

SMIS (Shit man it's sunday.)

This is my version of TGIF.

I am awake.It's still very early in the morning.I'm feeling very happy and relaxed.I just had a dream.It was one of those dreams which I can't quite recollect, but has left me with a sense of joy, and i can't quite put my finger down to point the exact reason of my joy.

I'm mildly irritated that my dream is cut short by a gentle caress on the back of my neck.I roll around to find the cause of it.I see the baby sleeping peacefully at the other end of the bed.I lay there admiring the sight that lay before me.It's so beautiful to see a baby and that too when it's asleep; it's almost a heavenly sight.The baby is far off,in fact dangerously close to the edge of the bed.It couldn't have been the baby which had brushed my neck.While still cursing the mother for letting the baby unattended, I wonder if it was her who had interrupted my dream.I can't find her anywhere.I sit up and stay there for few minutes.Still not completely lucid, I feel that some thing's not right.The feeling is not very strong and I'm not sure if I'm up or still inside a dream.

I turn on the light in order to check upon the baby.As i turn to reach out to it, I realize it all.There's no baby there.It's just a pile of clothes.Suddenly I feel a sense of reality.Now I'm completely awake.There's no baby because THERE IS NO BABY.I don't have one.Nor is there any mother of the baby.I'm still not married nor have any steady girl.Certainly not steady enough to have a baby together.I'm single for god sakes.

I'm still sitting up.Lights are on.I'm wondering what to do next.All the time still angry, don't know at whom for getting up from my sleep.The gentle brush on my neck feels real although I'm beginning to doubt my mind.I finally decide to get back to sleep still wondering about the whole ordeal.It's like one of the moments where the distinction between reality and the imaginary is blurred.I re-organize my pillows trying to find that elusive comfort position to settle into.As I'm at it, I discover to my horror the real culprit that got me awake.

It's a Rat!!! aaaw.Yuck.It's hiding in between the pillows.It must have been the one trying to bite my neck.Any last traces of sleep/drowsiness is finally gone.I give out a high-pitched squeal.It's enough to make the neighborer's baby cry but clearly not potent enough to wake up my folks who always complain that they hardly get sound sleep at nights.I scream again and again trying my best not to blow my throat out of the mouth.After the third attempt my dad wakes up and we both team up and wage a battle against the little fella.After five long long minutes and against a formidable enemy, against all odds, the enemy is overpowered,killed. We throw the poor (dead)soul out into the thrash.Dad goes back to sleep as if nothing's happened.I can't sleep anymore.Not on that bed at least.I change the sheets and pillow covers, not before vacuuming them all before putting the new ones.I take bath.How can I not?

I'm bored now.I flip through the TV channels to find anything interesting,still thinking about the poor guy whose life I have ended mercilessly.I see the time.It's 5.30 Sunday morning.And so begins my Sunday.AAaah Sundays used to be soooo relaxing.
(Relaxing my ass.SMIS)


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