Sunday, February 17, 2008

and so it begins.............(v.2008)

Actually it began about 6 weeks ago.
But for me it has taken this long to catch a breath and write my first post of the new year.
The 2 weeks before the new year and the new yr till now (8 weeks total) has been nothing short of roller coaster ride for me both emotionally and physically.
And now I'm completely drained and hence the urge to blog.

Events in my life till now(the last 8 weeks):
1.turned 25 last nov.
2.i'm feeling my age.
3.I was overlooked for promotion in my office.Pride hurts.The other losers got it.
4.In a fit of rage, I resigned and found a new job.They don't deserve me.
5.They tried to stop me after I quit.But damage had been done.Words were spoken.Decisions were made which certainly wasn't re-considered.I preferred to exit on my terms rather than being kicked out in future.
6.New year came.
7.I saw 2 crappy movies on new year's eve.Grrrr
8.Met with an accident on new year.No broken bones.Still a shitty beginning for the year.Of all the days should iit be Jan 1st.C'mmonnnn.Is someone even listening up there.
9.Connected with my parents on a deeper level.I never imagined this would be possible.
10.New job.Increased pay(==Increased work.)
11.I love my new job completely.
12.Only problem is i'm coming home once in 2 days.I'm working 24hrs straight with 8-10 hrs off in between for last 2 weeks.I'm not exaggerating.
13.Long hours and caffeine combined with my already sad existence is pushing me into emotional and physical exhaustion.Barely hanging in there.

The silver lining is that i will be getting a break of a week soon.
Heard that my previous employer hired three people to fill the void created by my exit.
Should I be happy??I don't know.
One thing's for sure.Life comes around full circle.
Only question is do you have enough patience and faith to hang in there till it does?
I used to have it in great supply b4.Now a days I feel like I'm running out of it.

(and apologies for a long absence.)


mindy said...

this will make you feel better... i'll be 36 in may. sigh.

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Cheer up!TC

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."