Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anatomy of connections....

Life's full of contradictions and paradoxes.Connections being broken, hearts repaired, ties severed.....

My sister and myself never connected at all while growing up for no apparent reason.It was just that way.Today, she sought me.Being in what was a dark place, she desperately wanted someone.She chose me to be 'that' someone and I will remain  thankful to her for doing that.I was there for her even while not being there(We are far away).We just talked unlike ever.We both felt better.She got some much needed relief and soul talk.I got to keep a sister.We just connected and discovered the bond which I never knew existed.She got to feel little better and less bitter.By listening to her, I  have fewer demons to deal with.Well, I think that's karma paying back in fast-food style.I know this is really a big moment; not because I know that now, but will realize, years later, when I'm brave enough to look back,  in search of something beautiful.It will be remembered.

Connections:Now Open

On the other hand,I literally couldn't connect to my sweetheart 5000 miles away even though we both were desperate to.That's techno-karma(bad internet) paying me back, again in fast food style, for all the buggy code I must have written(ssshhhhh)!
Too bad.!

It's amazing.


dcrelief said...

This is great, and gave me a smile.

I often remember that old Trek slogan: "Space, the Final Frontier," and I'm grateful for the space between my ears, and the space within my heart. And when they meet there's a connection!

Fast food karma? :)


Karma serving up real fast.Fast food style.!
I know.I was on a roll yesterday while writing the post.

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."