Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is sounding stupid..

...but here it goes.
I'm finding lack of time (or lack of respect for time??) as the root of all my bane(s).
Well, I'm attracting negativity and boo-hoo's by saying it loud.Maybe that's what I really am: A lazy bum.

But, dwelling on that thought further, I feel that I'm not (completely) lazy.I seem to find(put) myself in situations where either I'm too bust or too empty(Nothing to do with bowel movements!).

This alternating bursts of nothingness and full-steam is causing too much agony.I hate it.
Life is happening and I'm not able to take it in completely.

Maybe it IS stupid.


dcrelief said...

Hi Despo!

This may really sound stupid, but you're right where you're supposed to be. Hot one minute, cold the next, is being experienced by a lot of people.

Call it God, call it electromagnetic issues, call it manic/depressive, but here's the deal... stop beating your own ass. There are enough people in the universe who'll gladly stomp you underfoot.

Lazy? Who cares? It's your life! I always enjoy your writings, but when you're not into that... so what? I know how to wait patiently.

"Argue your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." Stephen King.

I'm so sorry life sux. It does that at times. But it will pass, and you'll have new skills to help you move on when you're ready.

I recommend lots of popcorn and six movies! Also get a copy of "The Tao of Pooh" (yes, Winnie the pooh) and read it. Author: Benjamin Hoff.

Fee waived. Good wishes,


Thank you.
I needed someone to tell me this.
I'm glad it's you.
you are always there when needed.

Thx a lot,

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."