Saturday, May 9, 2009

help wanted

I have decided to change the name of my blog/profile name.
I request you all to suggest some good names based on the type of person you think I'am or on the type of stuff I write.
If I get interesting responses I will probably put up a poll among the best to decide which one.



Paul Maurice Martin said...


Clarissa Alverson said...

I don’t have a fully formed idea, but I think for you, it could something related to searching or seeking—maybe including the word voyage, quest or journey would be good. On a funny note, I read Paul’s suggestions above, and I thought “Comtemplaydough?” (I guess being a mom has altered my neutral network in some really strange ways.)


paul:Interesting.I will surely consider it.

clarissa: how about "contemplay-dah" ?!!

dcrelief said...

Okay, based on what I think I know about you...hmmm?
'Desperado' -no change
'Base Hit' -steady, flowing, keeping score.
'Crazy Card' blog -surprise stories, variety of subject matter.
'QuickSilver' - wit, threads of wisdom.
'Tryst-Me' -you let others meet you from where they're coming from, no preconceived ideas.
'What-you-think' - because again, you allow people to say what's on their minds without judgment.
(That's enough! dcrelief)


DC:Thanks.I'm flattered.So many names!
I appreciate it.

dcrelief said...

Just call me "Wordy World"...

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."