Wednesday, October 3, 2007


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Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday evening to you, Desparado,

Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving the nice comment ! I appreciated it !

Doing it NOW is so important.

There are rarely regrets if you handle everyhting as it comes up, rarely guilt at leaving anything unsaid, and always a feeling of choice and accomplishment.

Loving Annie

Enemy of the Republic said...

Lord, I try to live by that one, but lately I've been very bad at it.


aren't we all?

Crashtest Comic said...

Sometimes I fot--

Wonder Woman said...

In love - married him.

Wanna travel - working towards that, again.

Hated my job - created a new one.

Belly dancing - hmmm, that's TOO much for anyone to handle ;-P

QUOTE: Do or do not. There is no try. Yoda


*Goddess* said...

Wow. Great advice. Too bad I already know I won't follow it....

"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."