Monday, April 18, 2011

down and out.

I've been following this pattern of blogging when I'm, well.... down and out.I have hardly blogged, visited my blog friends or even logged on.The same was the case last year too.Only difference is, last year I was super busy and this year I'm super free!
But still I've still turned my back to life.I simply don't find the energy in my self.I'm ashamed of myself.The worst thing is I'm not the kind of person who gives up.So I'm always trying to do things that enable me to get out of this state.I'm doing it as if my very life depends on it.(it does actually.)But something inside me is broken and refusing to budge.But I'm beginning to suspect that my fatigue is not physical by its an emotional one.

I left my job and took a break from the madness that was threatening to consume me.I married a wonderful girl who supports me in all my decisions.I packed up and left my everything behind: wife, my folks, job, friends to take some time off; to just blow off the steam.I'm well rested now and ready to get back into the rat race in a new country among new people.I miss my people.I miss my blogging days, my online friends.
I'm trying my best to cope with it.Best thing is to keep my self busy.

Is it me or has blogging become so 90's??
Twitter ahoy! Tweet...tweet.


dcrelief said...

Know thyself. Know thyself's wants. Know thyself's needs.

That'll be 25 cents please.



"I walk the lonely roads,the only one that I've ever known."